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Hall Of The Dragon Priests Walkthru & FAQ

I have tried to make Hall of the Dragon Priests a little challenging without making it too obscure but if you do need a little help this full walkthru will tell you anything and everything you could possibly want to know.

Starting The Quest Line - Finding Herrold

The Quest Line is started by a conversation with Herrold; one time adventurer turned farm hand. He can be found on Chillfurrow Farm during the day or in the Bannered Mare in the evenings.

Herrold's Basement

Herrold will lend you a key to a chest located in the basement where he lives. The entrance is in Olava The Feeble's house in Whiterun. You will get two things from here; the key to Necromancers Refuge and Herrold's Painting. You won't get into the dungeon without the key [or the console] and the painting will help you find the dungeon if you have Quest Markers turned off as well as triggering the quest "A Trip To The Pale" where the Nordic Dungeon Necromancer's Refuge awaits you.

Finding Necromancer's Refuge

The entrance to Necromancer's Refuge is at the base of a lighthouse that is just north of Dawnstar.

The Atrium

When you enter you will find yourself in a room with three portcullises to the right; all are down. There is a pull chain to the left of the altar opposite the portcullises which opens one of them. You can now get to a pull handle which will open a secret passage out of the southwest of the room. Make your way up the passage and through the next two rooms. Down a short passage you will find a pull chain which opens the second portcullis in the Atrium. There you will find the pull handle that opens the final portcullis.

The Pit Room

After leaving the Atrium you will follow a passage; after a turn to the right you will have two options. To the left you will find a Master level locked door. The room is optional - you will find a Bound Battleaxe Spell Tome in there if you decide to open it. The other way leads you to the Pit Room, the center of Necromancer's Refuge. Ahead of you is yet another portcullis but there no way to open it right now. To the right is a trapdoor covering a pit; it is locked [Master level]. You have to go down the pit but if you have few lock picks and low skill there is a pull handle next to one of the altars. At the bottom of the pit are two doors; one is barred so you have to take the other.

The Throne Room

You find yourself in a room with balconies on either side. Stairs take you up to the one on the right; there are no stairs to the one on the left. You could use a shout or maybe even jump but you ought to go to the right; if you don't you may miss things and have to back track anyway.

A Passage, A Catacomb & A Web

As you follow the passages you will come across a locked door on the right; you did find the key on an altar in the Pit Room yes? The Refuge catacomb behind the door is purely optional but there is a Bound Bow Spell Tome in there so you might wish to enter. A little further on you run through a section of passage covered in cobwebs. You see a light behind them; there is a passage behind the webs - a fire spell will get you through. Down this passage is a lever which opens the portcullis you could not open in the Pit Room. You could head back there now but you would not get far. You need to journey onward. Follow the passage until you arrive back in the throne room but on the opposite balcony; leave by the other door.

The Caves

Work your way to the start of the caves. You will shortly come upon water. Diving down there is an offshoot to the left; you do not need to go there but there is a Bound Sword Spell Tome to be had if you do. Continue on and you will eventually come across your Quest Marker and be ambushed by Ptolenaak's Avatar. After defeating the Avatar grab Ptolenaak's Key from the nearby chest and continue on. You will arrive at a barred door. You are on the other side of the barred door you came across earlier at the bottom of the pit. Open it and climb to the top; you are back in the Pit Room and the portcullis that you could not open is now open.

The Door Of Knowing

You spot a note on a pedestal that talks about the "Door Of Knowing". What the heck is that? Continue on and you will approach a door that appears to be enchanted; but you don't get there, you are transported to Ptolenaak's Inner sanctum.

Ptolenaak's Inner Sanctum

There appears to be no way out. There is not until you defeat Ptolenaak; a portal will appear when Ptolenaak dies; it takes you back to the Door Of Knowing but now you can approach. Take Ptolenaak's Mask from his corpse before leaving via the portal; there is no way back [if you do leave your only option will be to use the console to get back - coc NecromancersRefuge2]. The "Door Of Knowing" is still sealed; you did get Ptolenaak's Mask didn't you? The note said the Door would only let a Dragon Priest pass; what about a disguise? Equip the mask and the seal dissipates and with the key you got when you defeated Ptolenaak's Avatar you are able to unlock the door and continue on.

The Final Target

Once past the Door Of Knowing a few more battles and you will find Nahkriin's Decree. This book is the target of the quest "A Trip To The Pale" and as far as we go in version 1.0 of Hall Of The Dragon Priests but there is much more to come. Hope you enjoyed it.

Cell Markers For Console

  • Herrold's basement - coc herroldsbasement
  • Necromancer's Refuge - coc necromancersrefuge
  • Ptolenaak's Inner Sanctum - coc necromancersrefuge2