A British expat now residing in Dallas, Texas. I met my wife on the internet in the days when there was not much of an internet. Turned out well; I have a wonderful wife and we have been happily married since 1997. For all who said that was strange at the time [and maybe even feel it is an odd way to meet even now] I would simply say "Hey, after all those years we are still happy and still each otherís best friend". After working in pubs back in the old country I ended up in restaurant management once I arrived in the US. A few years ago I moved to the corporate office as a member of the training department and a year or so later transferred to the IT department.

Age creeps along and we all turn into something we would likely have yelled "no way" at in our youth. Pottering about in the yard is about as active as I get for the most part now. I do enjoy travel and especially enjoy cruising though I am not rich enough to indulge to the extent that I would like. I tend to be somewhat opinionated and many would say a little cynical at times and I have a tendency to share both my opinions and my experience and knowledge whether asked for or otherwise.

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