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2309 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33607, USA | 27°57'43.57"N 82°30'17.89"W

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Futuro, Tampa, Florida, USA  
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Futuro, Tampa, FL, USA - Alt 1

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For the most part I am not much of a gambler; I enjoy a trip to Las Vegas and might play the slots a little but that's about it. However, if I was a big time gambler I would wager a month's salary that the Futuro on N. Dale Mabry Hwy in Tampa, Florida is the only one in the world that gets a mention or two on According to a forum post in a thread entitled "Tampa Strip Clubs" that referenced the club "2001 Nude Odyssey" we read:

"A recent New York Times story pointed out a growing network of fans of Futuro houses ..... Tampa has at least one. The club owner spotted it for sale in Sebring decades ago, paid something like $3,000 for it, and a kitschy local landmark was born. Tampa's (Futuro) has been retrofitted. Instead of a gangplank, wildly carpeted stairs lead to a round black-lighted room with a bar and a circle of tiny, private booths. And in this Futuro, the windows stay completely covered."

In a second improbable setting for comments about a Futuro Scott M. Deitche, in an article entitled "King Of The Tampa Strip Clubs" on writes of gangster Pasquale "Pat" Matassini:

"Feeling that robbery was probably not a good career, Matassini went into law enforcement for a while, but left in the 1960's and started working around the strip clubs. In 1968, he bought a kitschy space ship and plopped it atop a bland building on Dale Mabry highway, and named the place 2001 Odyssey, no doubt after the popular Kubrick film."

What is interesting here is that while it is certainly possible both statements are true it is a little unlikely. If the Futuro was indeed purchased in 1968 it was purchased right at the very beginning of the Futuro's "limited" run and the likelihood that it was purchased, set up in Sebring, sold and then moved to its current location in 1968 is rather low. If the Futuro was located in Sebring and subsequently sold it seems more likely that sale was later than 1968.

The Futuro serves as something of a VIP lounge for the club. On the website "Creative Loafing Tampa" a somewhat tongue in cheek article "The Final Frontier" observes that:

" The ship is open to any customer interested in having a quiet (paid) conversation with one of the girls .... The ship's interior is kinda like the inside of the Gravitron, only each booth in the circular room has a privacy curtain, and in the middle, instead of some dude hollering and playing annoying music, there's a "bar" area where the tending mistress serves bottled water and juice. (It's a fully nude establishment, which means no alcohol.) Compared to downstairs' pounding, strip-danceable beats, flashing lights and big screen television, the spaceship lounge is subdued, with soft music and lots of privacy. And no, you can't see out the round "windows."

and in a 020910 note on Rj observes:

"The spaceship is a VIP area and is not by any means free. The charge to enter is timed and starts at 15 min for over a hundred dollars. Of course that's with the company of an entertainer."

On the 2001 Nude Odyssey Website Press Page there are four videos that show off the Futuro to a greater or lesser degree. The videos are SFW but the page hosting them may not be.

At the time of writing the 2012 GOP convention is imminent and according to an 072612 [the latest confirmed date for this Futuro] New York Times Article by Lizette Alvarez strip clubs in Tampa including 2001 Nude Odyssey are gearing up for a rush of business; shouldn't they all be talking politics and figuring out how to make the voter's life better? I guess not though perhaps the politicians are not the worst. In the NY Times article Alvarez quotes the following from the 2001 Nude Odyssey owner:

"Don Kleinhans, the owner of the 2001 Odyssey, said when the Promise Keepers, a male evangelical group, came to town years ago, business was rollicking."

The NY Times article also contributes another first to the Tampa Futuro; it has managed a mention on, it got itself noticed by and here, courtesy of the NY Times it receives the most unlikely description I have ever seen for a Futuro:

"The spaceship, a much-talked about private V.I.P. room perched atop the 2001 Odyssey like a wedding-cake embellishment, has also helped burnish Tampa's louche label. It is white, oval, with round windows, a rare prefabricated Futuro house designed by the Finnish architect Matti Suuronen in the 1960s and 1970s. "It was named one of the seven wonders of Tampa Bay," said the Odyssey's manager, Todd Trause. The provenance of that distinction is hard to decipher."

So, all in all not your typical Futuro!

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