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Marché Dauphine, Rue des Rosiers, 93400 Saint-Ouen, France | 48°54'8.13"N 2°20'31.45"E

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Google Maps | Satellite Imagery Date 123107 | Futuro Not Visible

Futuro, Somewhere, France  
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Notes, History & Resources

Update 101813

The move of the Futuro to the Marché Dauphine has prompted a great many articles and photos to be published on the web. Among the items posted during the last week or so are the two videos embedded below. The first is a very cool "time lapse" video showing the Futuro being re-assembled at the Marché Dauphine; the second has some cool footage with a commentary in French so I cannot say whether the commentary is informative or not.

Update 101213

I came across three great photos of the Futuro this week. The first two, one an exterior shot and one an interior shot, are displayed courtesy of Velvet Galerie. The third photo came up in a Google Image search; the url led to but I could never actually find the page the photo was displayed on so I am not able to credit the photographer but I love the photo. If this is your work please let me know so I can credit you for this awesome photo.

Futuro Marche Dauphin - Velvet Galerie 1

Futuro Marche Dauphin - Velvet Galerie 2

Futuro Marche Dauphin - Scoop-it

Update 082813

I was able to add this postcard to my collection today. Still looking for the other three shown below.

Futuro Stamp -

Update 081013

There are four other postcards that I know off that show the Futuro during its time at La Défense that I would like to add to my collection. If anyone has any of these or knows of any off them being sold anywhere I would be very interested.

Futuro, La Defence - Wanted Postcard 1  Futuro, La Defence - Wanted Postcard 2

Futuro, La Defence - Wanted Postcard 3  Futuro, La Defence - Wanted Postcard 4

Update 080313

The first image below show the Futuro as it looks in its new home at the Marché Dauphine; the image is courtesy of Velvet Galerie. The image below that, also courtesy of Velvet Galerie, is a very cool image of the Futuro as it was back in the 1970's at La Défense; this image is by Charles Ardaillon/RATP Photothèque.

Futuro, Marché Dauphine - 2013

Futuro, la Defence, VG - Charles Ardaillon/RATP Phototheque

This video shows the Futuro being reassembled in its new location; the Marché Dauphine.

The three photos below are of a set of three original postcards I recently added to my Futuro Collection which show the Futuro at La Défense in the 1970's.

Futuro, La Defence - Postcard 1

Futuro, La Defence - Postcard 2

Futuro, La Defence - Postcard 3

Update 111912

The photos below show the Futuro in its current restored condition. The photos are courtesy of Patrik Barret/La Maison Futuro.

Futuro - France - Patrik Barret 1 Futuro - France - Patrik Barret 2

Futuro - France - Patrik Barret 3 Futuro - France - Patrik Barret 4

Futuro - France - Patrik Barret 5 Futuro - France - Patrik Barret 6

Futuro - France - Patrik Barret 7 Futuro - France - Patrik Barret 8

The series of photos below show the Futuro prior to restoration as well as through disassembly, restoration and subsequent reassembly; they give a good look at the construction of the Futuro. The photos are courtesy of the XXO Facebook Page.

Futuro - France - XXO 1 Futuro - France - XXO 2

Futuro - France - XXO 3 Futuro - France - XXO 4

Futuro - France - XXO 5 Futuro - France - XXO 6

Futuro - France - XXO 7 Futuro - France - XXO 8

Futuro - France - XXO 9 Futuro - France - XXO 10

Futuro - France - XXO 11 Futuro - France - XXO 12

Futuro - France - XXO 13 Futuro - France - XXO 14

Original Images & Video 092911

This video shows historical footage of the Futuro along with a visual record of the its recent renovation.

The following images are also screenshots from the video above. The first shows the Futuro as it was at La Défense, Paris in 1968, the second shows the Futuro in 2007 before restoration and the third is a tantalizing picture of a "double" Futuro; I don't know where or when that image is from but it is nothing I have seen before and it sure does look very cool.

Update 093011: I have identified the "twin" Futuros in the video as the ones in Kvistgård, Denmark. A complete coincidence but it just so happened that that Kvistgård was the next on my list for research/publication and as soon as I took a look I realized they were the ones shown in the video.

Futuro, Somewhere, France - 1968

Futuro, Somewhere, France - 2007

Futuro, Mystery Double
Update 080413

Ben from Velvet Galerie has confirmed to me that the move to the Marché Dauphine as a permanent one so I have updated the location onfo on this page.

Update 080313

The French Futuro has been moved to a new location at the Marché Dauphine in the northern suburbs of Paris [134 Rue des Rosiers, 93400 Saint-Ouen, 01 40 12 14 68]. Information about this move can be found on the Velvet Galerie website; my thanks to Ben at Velvet Galerie who dropped me an email letting me know about the move.

I am not entirely sure [as is often the case I am in the hands of Google Translate since most of the information I can find on this is in French] but while the Futuro is already moved [the photo at left showing it in its new location and the video of its reassembly confirms this] it appears it will not be openly on display until 100413 [if anyone with better French than I can confirm that or correct me please do].

Marché Dauphine, the world largest Flea Market, is open Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM so if you live in the area or are travelling anywhere near there after 100413 it looks like you have a great opportunity to visit a restored Futuro.

On the Velvet Galerie website you can find more information in their Press Release and there is PDF Press Release you can download from here.

Coincidences always intrigue me; until this update I had heard nothing new relating to the French Futuro in several months [since 111912] and yet within the same week as I received news of this move from Ben at Velvet Galerie I also acquired an addition to my Futuro Collection - a set of three original Postcards from the 1970's showing the Futuro at La Défense in the 1970's. There are photos of the postcards at left and there is a little more information about them here.

These postcards along with the Charles Ardaillon photo shown at left do however clarify, at least to me, a little conflicting information about how long the Futuro was located outside the CNIT Building at La Défense. In the 111912 update on this page I referenced a pdf file which indicated that the Futuro was at that location from 1968 through 1972 but also indicated it spent 10 years as a restaurant. It was unclear to me if the time as a restaurant was at another location. Of the three postcards two were actually mailed; the postmark on one is obscured but one is clearly postmarked 1975. In addition the Charles Ardaillon seems to date from 1977. Combining those two pieces of evidence suggests very strongly to me that the Futuro was at La Défense at least through 1977.

I am not sure if the relocation of the Futuro is permanent or if the Futuro will only be on display at Marché Dauphine temporarily so I am leaving the location information on this page unchanged for now; if anyone is able to add any information and in particular confirm if this is a permanent move or not that would be great.

Update 111912

The French Futuro is now owned by a private collector. On the website [French | Google Translate to English here] we find the following statement:

"Aujourd'hui propriété d'un collectionneur passionné, ce dernier est bien décide à lui offrir une retraite méritée."

Which according to Google Translate reads something like this:

"Now owned by a passionate collector, it is decided to give him a well-deserved retirement."

We learn more about the Futuro and it's history from a pdf file that can be downloaded from

The pdf file lists Patrik Barret at 65, rue du fauborg Saint Honnoré - 75008 Paris as the contact for information about the Futuro. The website informs us that Patrik Barret founded a property management company in 2005 and we find information about the Futuro on the site on this page [French | Google Translate to English here].

It is not clear if Patrik Barret [at least to me anyway] is actually the owner or if the company facilitated the purchase of the Futuro by the current owner but since I have no better information [or because of inadequate transaltion] I am listing the Futuro as being currently located at 65, rue du fauborg Saint Honnoré - 75008 Paris.

The pdf document provides us with the following details about the history of the French Futuro:

  • From 1968 to 1972 the Futuro was located at La Défense in Paris. It also says that the Futuro was the home of a cafeteria called Resto'Bulle and the photo below [courtesy of La Maison Futuro Facebook Page] confirms this. The document also appears [translation issue?] to be saying that the Futuro was the home of the cafeteria for some 10 years; clearly 1968 to 1972 is not ten years. The next listed move of the Futuro was 1983, perhaps the cafeteria moved in 1972 and spent 10 years at another location in Paris serving as a cafeteria? If anyone can provide a better translation or otherwise clear this confusion I would really appreciate it.
  • In 1983 the Futuro was moved out of the city for some 20 years or so. The document does not provide the location.
  • In 2005 the Futuro was acquired by the design company XXO who moved and restored the Futuro. XXO has a Facebook page which hosts quite a number of photos of the Futuro during this time period [some of which are shown at left]; one of the photo albums indicates that photos were taken during the period July 2007 to May 2008 at Romainville, France. So far I have been unable to find any sign of it in the area using Google Earth historical satellite imagery.
  • In 2010 the Futuro was purchased by the current owner.

Futuro, Somewhere, France - 1968

Image Courtesy Of Patrik Barret/La Maison Futuro

The Facebook page La Maison Futuro is the current Facebook page of the French Futuro and this page also lists Patrik Barret and the contact information listed earlier. The site hosts a number of photos of the Futuro some of which are shown at left.

As always when I am dealing with research primarily in a language foreign to me it is quite possible [maybe even probable] that I have the facts wrong so if you have additional information or can correct anything please let me know. Thanks.

Original Information 092911

Pretty much all of the information and history I have been able to find regarding this Futuro comes from the video; there does not seem to be anything else out there except the very recent information about its featuring at an exhibition in October 2011.

The Futuro "landed" at the Center of New Industries and Technologies or CNIT in La Défense, Paris, France in 1968. Looking at an image on it seems the Futuro functioned as some sort of tearoom or cafeteria [signs around the base of the Futuro] for at least some part of the period until 1977. The next 30 years, from 1977 to 2007, are unaccounted for though there is an image from Google Maps on [in the slideshow at the bottom of the page] that shows the Futuro House around the time it was found. The map does not indicate precisely where in France the Futuro had been located but the commentary indicates it was somewhere around 120 KM NE of Paris. In October 2007 the Futuro was "discovered" and over the next three years it was restored.

I have not been able to find out, and the video does not indicate, where the Futuro was moved to for the restoration project or where it is right now but we do know it will be at the Design Elysées Exhibition on the Champs-Elysées in Paris October 20th - 24th 2011. The website EuroPanache describes the exhibition as:

"A selection of important galleries will gather here for this 5 day event, in order to present major design pieces from the 1940s to the 1970s.

Currently I have been unable to ascertain what the plans are for the Futuro or where it will go after that.

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