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Limni, Corfu, Greece [Approximate] | 39°39'34.41"N 19°51'10.20"E

Featured Image Alara Orhon Souvenirs | Image Date Unknown

Google Maps | Satellite Imagery Date 082110

Futuro, Limni, Greece  
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The image above is courtesy of Alara Orhon Souvenirs on Tumblr. I have not come across any other images of this Futuro so if you have, or know of, any please let me know.
I came across the image at top left a few days ago on Tumblr posted by Alara Orhon on her blog Souvenirs. To be honest when I first looked at the photograph I wondered if it was photo-shopped and I even wondered if it was actually a photograph at all; to be honest I still look at it and find it just a little odd somehow but it piqued my interest and the search was on.

Alara's post is tagged with, among others, "dakis joannou, futuro house, corfu" and those tags were something to start the search with. A trip to Wikipedia revealed that Dakis Joannou was a Greek Cypriot industrialist and art collector. Not only that he was also one of the foremost art collector's in the world and extremely wealthy. Wikipedia has this to say about Joannou and art:

"Joannou is a major collector of European and American contemporary art and is the founder of the DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art. He is currently serving on the councils of several museums worldwide and has continuously been on ArtReview's Power 100 List since its inception - in 2004 he was ranked its number one collector in the world."

Over the last decade or two the Futuro House has begun to be perceived as something of an art object and that fact along with what I had learned about Joannou, wealthy and a collector of art, suggested to me that it was highly possible that Joannou would indeed have a Futuro House in his art collection.

As a wealthy industrialist and major art collector Joannou has been the subject of many articles on the web and eventually I did come across one that mentioned a Futuro House; a January 2013 article on the Vogue Italy website [Italian text | Google translation to English here] which features an interview with Joannou. Text translated by Google is not always easy to follow but it seems that Joannou has assembled a collection of art and design objects focused on the year 1968 which fits well with the Futuro House being the year Matti Suuronen designed his iconic masterpiece.

So, it seemed there was likely a Futuro on the island of Corfu but where? Corfu is an island of, according to Wikipedia, some 267 square miles and from experience I know that searching Google Maps for something the size of a Futuro in an area that size would take forever. However there was one clue in an article on the website which indicated that Joannou's estate would be located on the coast [and check out the yacht!].

Given the size of Corfu even knowing the Futuro, if there, would be located along the coast it seemed like a search could still take a long long time but there was nothing else to narrow the search so it was time to kick up Google Maps. It was my lucky day, I picked a place to start the search completely at random and it turned out I had picked a location only a mile from the Futuros location and I found it in just a few minutes.

The Futuro is located close to Limni, Corfu at 39°39'34.41"N 19°51'10.20"E. The imagery is not perfect and the Futuro is not visible at all in Bing Maps but it is good enough to confirm the presence of a Futuro, the size is as it should be and the shadows the object casts look correct.

The image below is a screen capture from Google Earth and shows the size of the object. The remaining art objects as seen in the photo top left are gone but the landscape and surrounding area match that seen in the photo. Google Earth historical imagery indicates that the Futuro was moved onto the site sometime between 112307 and 061909. The latest imagery, which still shows the Futuro on site, is dated 082110

Futuro, Limni, Greece - Google Earth Screen Capture 101213

If anyone has any more information on this Futuro and in particular any photographs I would love to hear from you.

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