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Tönnebro 124, 820 29 Stråtjära, Sweden | 61°3'33.57"N 16°56'1.31"E & 61°3'5.62"N 16°55'58.85"E

Featured Image Ruin T | Image Dated 041409

Google Maps | Satellite Imagery Date 123107

Swedish Air Force Futuro - South Tower  
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Update 122812

Blogger Tobbe Arnesson visited Stråtjära on 122812 and posted about his visit on his blog Trotylbild [Swedish | Google translation to English here]. The photos below, courtesy of Tobbe, accompanied his post. My thanks to Mattias Andersson who sent me a message telling me about the blog post.

Swedish Air Force Futuro - 1

Swedish Air Force Futuro - 2

Swedish Air Force Futuro - 3

Swedish Air Force Futuro - 4

Swedish Air Force Futuro - 5

Original Images 081212

There is no "Street View" here in Google Earth/Maps but we do get one interesting perspective; checkout the screen shot from Google Earth of the South Tower and in partciular notice the shadow the tower casts.

Swedish Air Force Futuro - South Tower - Shadow

futuroincanada posted an awesome set of photos in the Yahoo Group futurohouse. Looks like the photos were posted January 2012 but I do not know when they were taken or if they were all taken at the same time.

North Tower

Swedish Air Force Futuro - North Tower 1

Swedish Air Force Futuro - North Tower 2

South Tower

Swedish Air Force Futuro - South Tower 1

Swedish Air Force Futuro - South Tower 2  Swedish Air Force Futuro - South Tower 3


Swedish Air Force Futuro - Models 1

Swedish Air Force Futuro - Models 2

Swedish Air Force Futuro - Models 3


Swedish Air Force Futuro - Maps 1

Swedish Air Force Futuro - Maps 2

Swedish Air Force Futuro - Maps 3

Swedish Air Force Futuro - Maps 4

The photo below incorporates a view of one of the Futuro's at down at ground level pre-assembled and ready to be lifted to the top of the concrete pillar along with two other shots.

Please Note:

The image displayed below is of a deliberately low quality and is a photo taken of my copy of "Futuro - Tomorrow's House From Yesterday". My intention is to give an idea of what was portrayed in the book and not to provide a copyright infringing image to be copied and reproduced elsewhere so please respect the author's rights and if you would like to use the book's content purchase your own copy. Thanks!

Swedish Air Force Futuro - Photo From Marko Home Book
Update 110312

I received an email from Patrik Eriksson today; thanks to Patrik who provided me with the location and a little additional information we now know that the third Swedish Air Force Futuro is located at Såtenäs Air Force Base.

Patrik was also able to provide a brief update regarding the Stråtjära Futuros including confirmation that they are still on site. Patrik had visited them this past summer and one of his friends visited as recently as 110212; Patrik tells me that the doors to the towers have been welded shut so while we can confirm their continued presence on site there is no new information as to their condition.

Original Information 081212

The book Futuro - Tomorrow's House From Yesterday tells us that between the years 1969 and 1971 the Swedish Air Force purchased three Futuro's which were to serve as observation towers at a practice firing range north of Gävle, Sweden. The Futuro's were pre-assembled and then lifted onto concrete pillars rising above the trees in the area [the bottom photo at left shows one of the Futuro's at ground level before being lifted to the top of its tower].

These Futuro's were modified to enhance fire safety and improve the exit. The book quotes Peter Stude, the project supervisor:

"Back then, the Swedish Air Force enjoyed a generous budget, and no expense was spared on comforts like heating and air conditioning. Before the Futuro's were installed, the lookout tower consisted of a crude two-by-two meter open platform."

Two of the Futuro's are visible in Google Maps satellite imagery dated 123107 and they can be placed on site as late as 041409 by photo top left by Ruin T's photo top left. In the commentary that goes along with the photo RuinT indicates that the military area now appears to be unused and confirms that two Futuro's remain.

To date I have not been able to locate the third Futuro so if you have information on that or are able to confirm that the Futuro's remained on site post 2009 please let me know.

One interesting thing should be noted in the bottom left photo that may relate to the "missing" third Futuro. Take a look through the pictures to the left; while you cannot see front and back of a unit in the same picture they do appear to have windows all around. In particular if you look at the first image of the North Tower Futuro and at the left panel of the bottom left photo you will in each case observe that you can see the windows at the rear of the Futuro through the front ones which seems to confirm "all around windows".

Now look at the bottom left photo and in particular at the top right panel of that photo; there we see a Futuro that appears to be even further modified in that it appears not to have windows all around the circumference of the unit. Perhaps that was the "missing" third Futuro and perhaps it was destined for a slightly different use. Obviously I do not know - if you do I would love to hear from you.

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