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1243 West Baltimore Pike, Media, Pennsylvania 19063, USA | 39°54'45.10"N 75°26'36.76"W

Featured Image My Futuro House [] | Date Unknown

Google Maps | Satellite Imagery Date 100711

Futuro, Media, PA, USA  
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Notes, History & Resources

Update 072212

The three images below were taken by the Forgotten Fiberglass team now on site in Media to prep the Futuro for transport shortly before they started to dismantle her. My thanks to Paul who sent these to me.

Futuro, Media, PA, USA - Just Before Dismantling 1

Futuro, Media, PA, USA - Just Before Dismantling 2

Futuro, Media, PA, USA - Just Before Dismantling 3

Original Information 070712

There are many detailed images of this Futuro on the owner's website.

The image below is a screen capture from Google Earth from imagery dated 041110. This is the latest dated mapping imagery I can locate which clearly shows the Futuro. In later dated imagery the tree canopy is full and it is impossible to see the Futuro though other evidence suggests it is still on site.

Futuro, Media, PA, USA | Google Earth Imagery Dated 041110
Update 031813

In recent email correspondence with Paul I learned that the Media Futuro did not get shipped out before the winter set in and that it is currently still on the site in Media.

Apparently shipping a Futuro is not always that easy to get set up; Paul tells me one shipper who had initially seemed interested in taking on the work subsequently procrastinated and stalled and in the end never did anything while another expressed interest but then said he did not want to take on any "special projects".

At this time Paul is still trying to arrange shipping for the unit.

Update 092912

In an email today Paul confirmed that there had been some delays with the shipping of the dismantled Futuro and that at this time it is still on at the media location.

Update 072212

Paul, one of the team on site in Media prepping the Futuro for transport tells me that they have gutted the floor braces and just started splitting the Futuro into sections. They expect to transport the Futuro in a few weeks. Paul sent me the pictures to the left of the Futuro as it was just before they started work on it. Paul also confirmed that as far as they have been able to determine the Futuro has been on the current site for 34 years [since 1978]. Thanks for the update and the photos Paul.

Update 071712

Looks like this Futuro has been found, purchased and will be heading off to a new home and a restoration project in Tampa, Florida. Geoff Hacker is an automotive historian and is researching the history of vintage fiberglass cars. On his travels he came across the Futuro and on his website Forgotten Fiberglass he talks about gathering a team together to disassemble the Futuro ready for transport to Tampa where it will be restored.

While it's not strictly a car and Geoff is clearly branching out a little the Futuro House is certainly a fascinating and iconic use of fiberglass and I for one am happy this example looks like it has found a good home and will likely see better days ahead. I guess you could stretch a point and say that while it was never functional as such a "UFO" is, like a car, a mode of transport. OK; I know, that's a little [or maybe a big] stretch.

There are some great photos on the Forgotten Fiberglass site including a very humorous photoshopped image of the Futuro ready for transport strapped to the top of an SUV; I figure it will not be quite so easy.

I don't know if the Futuro is still in Media; the Forgotten Fiberglass article is dated 010312 and talks about starting disassembly in the spring so it is possible the Futuro has already been moved.

The video below is a very entertaining record of Geoff's first encounter with the Futuro.

Original Information 070712

The owner of this Futuro House has a website on which he offers it for sale; the website does not appear to be dated though there are images on the site with a date of 010111 which clearly suggests the Futuro was for sale on that date. I have to assume that had the owner sold it he would have taken down the website so, as of the date of writing, 070712, I have to believe the Futuro is still on site and still for sale.

I did not know exactly where this Futuro House was located but in January 2012 there was a series of postings in the Yahoo Group "futurohouse" about a Futuro in Media, PA, USA and there were some pictures posted. Those pictures clearly confirmed that it was indeed one and the same and that places the Futuro on the site at the start of 2012. The latest imagery I can find in Google earth that clearly shows the Futuro is dated 041110 [screen grab to the right]; there is later imagery dated 090110 and 100711 but in each case the tree canopy is full and it is not possible to see the Futuro.

The image top left clearly shows that this Futuro House needs significant restoration work to come anywhere near habitable condition [there are many more images on the owner's website]. The owner is not making any attempt to hide this; in fact just the opposite, it seems that he is a passionate fan who hoped to be able to live a dream but finds himself in the unfortunate position of not having the resources to properly complete the restoration project and I for one respect and admire him for his wish to sell with the hope the Futuro finds an owner who will do it justice and give it the love [and money] it needs.

Unfortunately though I would love to be that owner the resources that would be required to purchase, relocate and restore a Futuro are way beyond my humble means and, failing a lottery win, that is likely to remain the case.

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