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4388 Deep Grass Ln, Houston, Delaware 19954, USA | 38°55'12.63"N 75°30'52.02"W

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Futuro, Houston, DE, USA  
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Photograph By AgilityNut | Image Dated 061107

The image below is a screen grab from Google Maps in Street View; you can actually just make out the right side of the Futuro poking out from the trees on the left side of the driveway [Open in Google Maps.

Futuro, Houston, DE, USA - Google Street View
Update 020913

The other day Barney Vincelette kindly shared with me this somewhat unique and extremely humorous photo of his home. The photo is displayed here with Barney's permission.

Futuro, Houston, DE, USA - Photo By Barney Vincelette

In the email Barney sent he also recounted a little of the background to the sign that features prominently in the photo and, since I believe the best and most faithful recounting of any story is always when the story is told in the words of the protagonist, I thought it most appropriate to tell the story using Barney's own words.

Barney tells me that he:

"built the sign after using locomotive horns to harmonize with the neighbors who from several hundred feet away played music I did not want to hear in my back yard on their stereos. The law gave them the right to play music at any volume because "a reasonable person" would not object to music as "unreasonable noise."

Vincelette was subsequently arrested for playing the locomotive horns and he requested a jury trial with the intention of arguing that:

"if the neighbors have the right to play their music I have the same right to play mine (even though the commuter class locomotive horns I got from are rated at 152 dB)."

And, in what seems like a stroke of genius I would certainly have been proud of, he

"even tape recorded (his) Sonata for Calliope of Truck Horns later transcribed to locomotive horns and had it evaluated by an orchestra musician in the Netherlands and an affidavit for court that what (he) played was music."

It seems that tenacity, ingenuity and plain old standing up for your rights won the day and the prosecutor threw in the towel leaving Barney able to use his locomotive horns as needed to drown out intrusive music or perhaps more likely cause the volume to be turned down.

Me I say "go get em Barney." Whatever the law says about "music" and "reasonable people" I have had to put up with loud intrusive music from neighbors before and let me tell you - it is NOISE. Maybe next time I will not just "grin - or is that grimace - and bear it" but instead take a page out of "Barney's Book" and pay a quick visit to

Barney - thanks so much for sharing your story and your photo.

Original Information 070812

Barney Vincelette can be considered, at least by any reasonable standards, anything but "ordinary". An agnostic free thinker that grew up in the world of the 50's and 60's Vincelette has been institutionalized, spent time in the Air Force [and in Vietnam], worked odd jobs, earned two MS degrees and then followed those with PhD in mathematical physics, shocked with surrealistic [and to some obscene] art and authored a couple of bittingly satirical books; "The Autistic Comedy" and "The Night of God's Suicide".

Given such a diversity of life experiences and a nature often and not unreasonably described as "eccentric" it should not be too surprising that such a man might choose to live in a Futuro House and that is exactly what he and his wife Carol do.

In an article on the website Dangerous Minds Vincelette is quoted as indicating one reason for his home choice; he likes the "geometric simplicity" of the home. His wife Carol apparently is a little more down to earth [no pun intended] and has simply observed "it doesn't have enough space".

Vincelette suffers from a mild case of autism and is extremely sensitive to noise to the extent that he has actually constructed devices designed to interfere with and suppress neighbors radios and like devices - see articles from and Persephone along with Vincelette's very own article describing how to construct, among other things, an "FM Jammer" and a "Microwave Canon" both of which are designed to interfere with and suppress your neighbors ability to create loud noise.

All in all it seems we have a very eccentric individual who has chosen to make his home in what many would see as a very eccentric house; sounds to me like a match made in heaven.

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