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High Wycombe, Perth, western Australia, Australia [Vicinity Only] | Lat/Long Unknown

Featured Image Skyscraper City Forums Post | Date Unknown

Google Maps | Location Not Determined

Futuro, High Wycombe, Perth, Australia - Original Location   I have to date been unable to determine the current location [reportedly in a backyard in High Wycombe] of this Futuro and there is no satellite imagery I can find old enough to show it at the Leach Highway/Karel Avenue site. The image below is a screen grab from Google Earth from 121502 and the Futuro is no longer on site as at that date.

Leach Highway/Karel Avenue, Perth, Australia - Post Futuro Move

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Update 071413

The page Lost Perth is a cool Facebook Reference page where people can post information and photos related to the history of Perth.

Adrian Butcher recently posted the cool photo below showing this Futuro at its original location.

Futuro, High Wycombe, Perth, Australia - Original Location - Adrian Butcher

Original Information 071512

Futuro, High Wycombe, Perth, Australia - Original Location Alt

Additional Image Skyscraper City Forums Post | Date Unknown

As with the "featured image" above I believe this shows the Futuro at it's original location. There is a suggestion it was at one time located on the corner of Burren Gate and Apsley Rd [Facebook comment by Jodie Porter] before it was moved to the Leach Highway/Karel Avenue site where it spent some 25 years. Jodie Porter was unsure about the actual location and a look at Google maps for the intersection of Burren Gate and Apsley Rd does not show any water or lake in the area that could match the images above so maybe it was at that location at some point maybe not - I cannot be sure.

Futuro, High Wycombe, Perth, Australia - At Leach/Karel Site

This image also Skyscraper City Forums Post | Date Unknown

This image is clearly not taken at the "original" location as seen above and I believe this is a shot of the Futuro as it was at the Leach Highway/Karel Avenue site.

The video below by Ethan Marrell, "The Willeton UFO Conspiracy Theory", is a somewhat "tongue in cheek" 2002 look at the "conspiracy" surrounding the disappearance of the Futuro from the Leach Highway/Karel Avenue site.

Update 082113

The Australian TV show Today Tonight: 7 Perth aired a feature on this Futuro 082113. A "teaser" video for the show can be found on the Lost Perth Facebook Page. In the short video we hear that the Futuro is still located in a back yard and the background to some of the footage suggests it remains in a disassembled state.

I have not been able to find video of the feature online as yet; perhaps it will appear on YouTube - there is a Today Tonight YouTube Channel. I have also contacted the station to see if there is any way to get either a transcript or a video. In the meantime if anyone saw this or knows where the video might be available I would love to hear from you.

Update 072812

The image below is of a plaque commemorating the Futuro that dates the unit as being on various sites in Willeton from 1971 until 1996 when the trail seems to grow a little colder. The image of the plaque is from the Bring Back The Leach Hwy/Karel Ave Spaceship and was posted by Geoff Vivian.

Futuro, High Wycombe, Perth, Australia - Commemorative Plaque

In that same group Judy Carroll provides some interesting historical commentary based on her personal recollections:

"Futuro Home - Burren-Dah Estate 1970. The "spaceship" was brought over from NSW on a truck. It was set over a lake and open on the weekend for inspection. The building behind it was the sales office and the company responsible was Development Underwriting. I was the land sales secretary and responsible for furnishing (with accessories) the Futuro home. All the other furniture was built in - ent...irely made of fibreglass. We would have hundreds of people through the home on a weekend and I'm still looking for the person who stole the plastic grapes out of the bowl!! After the estate was fully sold the "spaceship" was moved to it's last location on Leach Highway. The last I heard it was looking very sad stored in some warehouse somewhere......I would love to see it restored to it's former glory."

Though it is the far side of the planet for me I do hope the group is successful; every Futuro deserves to be looked after and above all else "seen". If you happen to be from around Willeton why not hook up with the group; you never know - with enough support anything is possible.

Original information 071512

On a first run through the various reports and websites that discuss this Futuro it seems like it could be included in the list of confirmed Futuros or placed in either the "lost" or "demolished" categories; there are articles online that would support any of those classifications. However when all of the various reports are assessed and then weighted based on reliability [and yes that is my opinion of reliability] I am forced to conclude that this should be classified as a confirmed Futuro that is currently located in a back yard somewhere in High Wycombe, Perth, Australia. If you know differently I would love to hear from you.

What appears to be the best information on the Futuro is posted in the Facebook Group Bring Back The Leach Hwy/Karel Ave Spaceship. In particular a comment there by Geoff Vivian includes the text of an article he authored which was published in the Canning Examiner, a local newspaper, 251108. In that article Vivian reports:

  • Property Development company DUL originally used the Futuro as a sales office in 1971.
  • The Futuro was located on the Leach Highway/Karel Avenue site for some 25 years.
  • The Futuro was removed by the local council in 1996. The removal was precipitated by a vandalism incident when a fire was lit inside the Futuro.
  • The Futuro is currently located in the back yard of a home in High Wycombe.
  • The current owner has started some restoration work and has indicated it will need very extensive work. [Articles elsewhere suggest the Futuro is currently in a disassembled state]

In 2010 the Futuro was offered for sale by the current owner in a local newspaper ad. The text of the add went like this: [a scan of the ad can be found here]

"SPACESHIP from Willeton, cnr Leach Highway & Karel Ave, approx 6m dia, needs f/glass repairs $10,000. High Wycombe."

There is no evidence I have been able to find to siggest that a sale has been made and the assumption is the Futuro has not moved and may well be still for sale.

This Furturo has not only been the subject of many internet articles but it has also made a couple of less typical mentions including:

  • Kevin Mitchell and Vanessa Thornton, members of the band Jebediah, used an image of the Futuro on the cover of their first album "Slightly Odway".
  • Ethan Marrell made a slightly "Tongue in Cheek" film "The Willeton UFO Conspiracy Theory" in 2002 which explored the "conspiracy" behind the disappearance of the Futuro from the Leach Highway/Karel Avenue site. Interestingly our two Jebediah members Kevin Mitchell and Vanessa Thornton appeared in Marrell's film.

It seems the Futuro is garnering a great deal of interest in the local community and the Facebook Group Bring Back The Leach Hwy/Karel Ave Spaceship is pearheading a effort to get the Futuro restored to it's former glory and location. I wish them well in their quest.

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