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390 Hancock Harbor Road, Greenwich, NJ 08323, USA [Approximate] | 39°22'42.58"N 75°21'21.37"W

Featured Image By scottod | CC 2.0 | Image Date 071111

Google Maps | Satellite Imagery Date 060111

Futuro, Willingboro, New Jersey, USA  
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Update 080413

The video below is by "The Unknown Cameraman" - the footage appears to be a composite of footage from Vernissage TV showing the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Futuro, the Willingboro Futuro and this Futuro in Greenwich. The Greenwich footage starts at 02:13. At one point in the commentary the video indicates the footage has been taken at various points in New Jersey - clearly the Vermissage TV footage was not shot in New Jersey.

Update 100812

PC_Rider posted some great shots of the Greenwich Futuro in a 020410 post on the site Adventure Rider

Futuro, Greenwich, New Jersey, USA - PCRider 1

Futuro, Greenwich, New Jersey, USA - PCRider 2

Futuro, Greenwich, New Jersey, USA - PCRider 3

Update 080112

like, totally took the following two photos of this Futuro 073112. That date becomes the updated confirmed date for this Futuro. The image above was a year earlier and it looks as though the unit is in pretty much the same condition so perhaps refurbishment work is stalled or perhaps even stopped for good; hope not.

Futuro, Grenwich, New Jersey, USA - Alt 1

Image by like, totally | CC 2.0 | Image Dated 073112

Futuro, Greenwich, New Jersey, USA Alt 2

Image by like, totally | CC 2.0 | Image Dated 073112

There is also another very cool new photo of this Futuro by cornfu that uses a kind of bluish tinted black and white tone; its a great photo and you can view it here.

Original Images & Video 090911

Home video showing the Futuro as a ride at Morey's Pier in Wildwood, New Jersey in 1974. The Futuro House appears around the one minute mark.

Video of this Futuro House uploaded January 2010. The music is rather annoying but some good shots.

Additional Images:
  • with an interesting image that provides scale by showing a man holding a Futuro House window frame.
  • The Wanderer has a series of images of this Futuro House including one of the interior.
  • samfeinstein captured a great night shot; my favorite image to date of this Futuro House.
  • Funchase with photos of the Futuro House as it was in its day's at Morey's Pier [they are about half way down the page]
Update 101912

I ordered a copy of the October 2003 Issue of Weird N.J. [#21] the other day; I just received it today. On page 63 there is an interesting article with a couple of very cool pictures about the transport of this Futuro to its current location in Greenwich.

From the article we learn that the trip took place on 032703 with the Futuro travelling from Delmont in Maurice River Township to Greenwich via Bridgeton. We also read that the Futuro was purchased by Scott Gifford from Tom Platt for $1,500 and that it was Tom Platt who had brought the Futuro from Wildwood.

I had wondered if it was possible that this Futuro had also been the one that spent time in Seaside Heights since I had not uncovered its whereabouts between Wildwood and Greenwich but this rules that out and appears to confirm that the Futuro spent the time between Wildwood and Greenwich in Delmont.

Armed with that information I began to look at old satellite imagery available in Google Earth and, while the imagery is not good enough to be absolutely certain, I believe it is good enough to place the Futuro on Elizabeth Ave, Delmont, NJ [39°12'23.57"N 74°56'58.89"W]. The two images below show [top] satellite imagery from 123101 and [bottom] 031091; the later of the two images had the Google Earth "Ruler" tool activated showing that the circular object is approximately the correct size for a Futuro. Later imagery dated 080406 shows that the Futuro was no longer on site at that time so the dates fit with what we know about this Futuro and support the article in placing this Futuro in Delmont for the period between it leaving Wildwood and arriving at Greenwich.

Futuro, Delmont, New Jersey, USA - 123101

Futuro, Delmont, New Jersey, USA - 031091

The Weird N.J. article is in conflict with the Press Of Atlantic City article; the former states that one Scott Gifford purchased the Futuro while the latter indicates the buyer was Matt Damon. Both articles indicate the purchase price was $1,500. Either one of them purchased the unit and subsequently sold it to the other [for the same price] or one of the articles is in error; to be honest there is nothing upon which to base a decision as to where the truth lies so, at least for now, that will have to remain a mystery.

Update 100812

It seems like the world of Futuros is a small one indeed. In all of the times I have read the Press Of Atlantic City article about Matt Damon's purchase of the ex Morey's Pier Futuro I have never noticed the following until now:

"The Greenwich Futuro is the second Damon has owned. The first one he bought in Colorado but had to sell at a loss when the economy went south more than a year ago."

The article was published in 2009 so in theory that would put the sale of the one in Colorado somewhere around 2008. Unless there was a second Colorado Futuro the one being referred to is the one that was located in Bailey, Colorado until the second half of 2009. That Futuro has been sold several times; 2003, 2006 and at auction in 2009. Likely Damon owned it either for the period 2003 to 2006 or from 2006 to 2009. Either way that makes it likely that Damon owned two Futuros for a period of time since the 2009 Press Of Atlantic City article indicates he purchased the Futuro now in Greenwich "a few years ago".

While researching the "lost" Futuro at Seaside Heights, New Jersey the other day this Futuro and Morey's Pier came up again; for more information and photos of this Futuro during its time in Wildwood check out the Seaside Heights section of the "Lost Souls" page.

Original Information 090911

This Futuro House spent it's early years as an amusement ride at Morey's Pier in Wildwood, New Jersey. I have no idea whether it went straight from manufacturing to the "pier" or if it "lived" somewhere else in between but with video available of it in action on the pier in 1974 it could certainly not have been that old at the time it arrived at Morey's.

The current owner of the house is New York furniture dealer Matt Damon who purchased it for some $15,000 and as of the end of 2009 had spent some $65,000 on refurbishment work. In a December 2009 article on Damon was quoted as follows:

"I knew it was a really, really old piece, but it was such an iconic piece and it just so much embodies everything the '60s stood for ... For me, being a modern-furniture dealer, it was like the trophy, the white elephant. So I went out and got it."

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