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Hotel Tarelka, Teberda District, Dombai Village [Approximate] | 43°17'18.54"N 41°38'39.39"E

Featured Image By Michael Ivantsov | Image Date 051310

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Futuro, Dombai, Russia - Hotel Tarelka  
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Additional Images 090713

Coincidence is a funny thing. I am always on the lookout for Futuro memorabilia, books or magazines with Futuro articles or photographs and so on. I recently came across several items that featured the Dombai Futuro all within the space of just a few days. The images below that all feature the Dombai Futuro are of these items:

Dombai Futuro - 1981 Postcard Front

Dombai Futuro - 1985 Mint Cover

Dombai Photo Book - Cover  Dombai Photo Book - Photo 1

Dombai Photo Book - Photo 2  Dombai Photo Book - Photo 3

Additional Images 092912

This photo, one of the best photos of the Dombai Futuro I have seen, was taken by Socialism Expo and is displayed here under CC 2.0.

Futuro, Dombai, Russia - Socialism Expo

The excellent series of photographs shown below were taken between 022204 and 022804 by Sergei Novikov. The images were posted on his website and can be found on this page and the subsequent pages. The photographs are displayed here in accordance with the copyright terms.

Futuro, Dombai, Russia - Novikov Feb 2004 1

Futuro, Dombai, Russia - Novikov Feb 2004 2

Futuro, Dombai, Russia - Novikov Feb 2004 3

Futuro, Dombai, Russia - Novikov Feb 2004 4

Futuro, Dombai, Russia - Novikov Feb 2004 5

Futuro, Dombai, Russia - Novikov Feb 2004 6

Futuro, Dombai, Russia - Novikov Feb 2004 7

Futuro, Dombai, Russia - Novikov Feb 2004 8

Futuro, Dombai, Russia - Novikov Feb 2004 9

Futuro, Dombai, Russia - Novikov Feb 2004 10

Futuro, Dombai, Russia - Novikov Feb 2004 11

Futuro, Dombai, Russia - Novikov Feb 2004 12

Additional Image 071712

This image by Andrey Khrolenok is the most recent I have been able to find and places the Futuro still on site 030411 [Displayed here under CC 2.0].

Futuro, Dombai, Russia - Hotel Tarelka 030411

Original Images 092511

Images from Hotel Tarelka page on

Futuro, Dombai, Russia - Hotel Tarelka Futuro, Dombai, Russia - Hotel Tarelka

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Update 092912

In a short post on the website Dark Roasted Blend the writer suggests that the Futuro is "Seemingly a knock-off of the "Futuro House" ..." There is actually no reason to believe it is not a Futuro and the author gives no basis for the statement.

The article also reports that it was "built" in 1979. That seems unlikley to me as, based on all of my research to date, production of the Futuro had ceased several years prior to that.

Original Information 092511

The Hotel Tarelka is located in Dombai, Russia high in the Caucasus Mountains and is home to a Futuro. Given that the original idea behind the Futuro was for it to be used as a ski-cabin the Futuro in Dombai is probably the only remaining example with a use that, while not exactly as intended, is pretty close to that originally envisioned by Matti Suuronen back in 1968.

The Hotel Tarelka is not a typical hotel; it is not located at the bottom of the ski slopes but rather it is way up on the mountainside. The Hotel information suggests getting down into the valley late at night or early in the morning is difficult because the funicular is closed. If you have an early flight home after you trip you either need to ski down [with your luggage - I am not a skier but that does not sound like much fun] or spend your last night in the valley at a different hotel. The benefit for that restriction? When you get up in the morning you are already up the mountain and ready to ski; not lining up with everyone else to get up the mountain.

The Futuro acts as the "mess hall" for the hotel which is really a group of cabins that can accommodate 8 - 12 people that is normally rented out en masse.

So, if you are a skier and a Futuro fan what could be better that the Hotel Tarelka? You can get more information about the hotel on the website or maybe you just need to call that travel agent of yours.

Location note: As you may have noticed the Google Maps imagery for the location is basically nothing; hopefully at the next update they will have some much improved imagery to use. In the meantime though it is not possible to confirm the precise location of the Futuro using Google Maps it is reasonable to assume the co-ordinates quoted are accurate. They were sourced from the reputable site World Architecture and are confirmed by the placement of several Panoramio images on Google Maps as well as information in several articles and blogs by people who have stayed at the Hotel Tarelka

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